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  1. Izzetin

    Footstep / Move Sound (Trigger)

    Hello! Im looking for a Trigger or Idea to give my Unit a ''Footstep'' sound everytime i move it around on my Map I looked this up on the Forum but only found stuff from 2008 and the Triggers i found didnt work for me somehow (Im not a Trigger expert so i need a simple way or Explanation/Screen)...
  2. gore23

    Attack Move in straight line? Units curving...

    Is there some way to actually make units move in a straight line? I am making a aos style lane system, but the units curve WAAAAAY off the path... Just need them to flipping move in the center of lane... I tried making much shorter distance points to move to, but still they curve. I tried making...
  3. HerlySQR

    [Crash] Set move speed is not working

    I don't know if is for the version (1.32.9) but when I try to translate the MoveSpeedX library to Lua the function SetMoveSpeed doesn't work even if I overwrite it, is like the trigger just stops, can you explain me why?
  4. Cheshire

    [Solved] make dummy unit stick to unit

    hey, I know this has been asked many times before, and I have bumped into answers about this in the past - but obviously now that I am actively looking for it I can't seem to find it anywhere... how do I get a dummy unit to move in tandem with a unit? is there a different way than insta-moving...
  5. ThompZon

    [Solved] Move unit without breaking channel

    Say you have this trigger, and trigger it with a Dark Ranger - Life Drain spell. Events Unit - A unit Start the effect of an ability Conditions Actions Unit - Move (Casting unit) instantly to ((Position of (Casting unit)) offset by 100.00 towards (Random angle) degrees) This will...
  6. Tom_Almighty1

    Increase Minimap Size And Move It

    Guys I was trying to move the minimap and increase its size. I am using Warcraft 3 TFT non-reforged 1.31. Here are the triggers (GUI): Custom Script: local framehandle minimap = BlzGetOriginFrame(ORIGIN_FRAME_MINIMAP, 0) Custom Script: call BlzFrameClearAllPoints(minimap) Custom Script: call...
  7. CodeBlack

    Group Movement System

    Hey guys :) i have been working on a prototype for a Group movement system...inspired by total war unit movement. i got a very basic prototype running and some experimental optional features. I would like to get some feedback and/or ideas on how to improve the system in terms of efficiency...
  8. SharSash

    [Trigger] Making unit move towards point with polar offset

    So, I've made a spell based on channel with point-target. The idea of the spell is that it creates a dummy with locusts and this dummy must go into target point of abillity beign cast direction untill it reaches the edge of playable map area and dies after. But the problem is that unit goes only...
  9. BrothForMyPeople

    Animating a model

    So I've created (reedited/modified?) this model and I want it moving. Are there some animating tutorials?
  10. TheAyalalalalon

    Trigger region move

    Hello I need some help with triggers I am trying to make a Region moves every .05 seconds to the position of a specific unit. Also i need that if another unit enters this region kill both Made those but did not work for me Moving Events Time - Every 0.03 seconds of game time...
  11. TheAyalalalalon

    [Trigger] Move units in range to a point with an animation

    So i made a skill that moves all enemy units in range to a point but i want this trigger to be a bit animated instead of instatly move. Detener Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Custom Ability Actions...