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  1. jainaproudmore

    Some missile sound effect missing bug

    Does anyone have issues of missile sound effect? Somehow, some of the missile sound effect are missing like I uninstall and reinstall and some of the missiles still missing sound effect like can someone help me here.
  2. Version 1.2 - 08.png

    Version 1.2 - 08.png

    Where is trader gone?
  3. GhxBronie

    Problem with Default Models in WC3

    Hi WorldEdit M8s :thumbs_up: I have a problem with Default and Custom Models from Warcraft 3, these ones don't work properly in their Animations, Sound and apparition. For example, in this video i casts the common Breath of Fire, it damages the enemies but don't appear the FX and yesterday the...
  4. u wot m8_

    [Solved] Map not appearing in folder

    I've noticed that i can't find the more recent maps i've made in the folder i saved them in. I can find and open them through the editor's open ability, but when i am using the normal windows explorer, they're nowhere to be found. I've tried dragging the maps from the editor's open screen to my...
  5. Cruallassar

    Custom Triggers Vanished

    I've been working on a map for a while now, and most of the recent work has been on the triggers. Recently I tried to open up the saved map again and the editor seemed to get caught up on loading the map...specifically, it stopped responding while loading trigger 36 out of 8something. I let it...
  6. SoooK

    [Solved] WE can't open my map anymore

    I had to buy a new PC. I reinstalled Wc3 and updated everything to the latest version, which I used before. If I want to open my map, I get an error massage, saying, that the trigger function "BLZGetUnitAbilityCooldownRemaining" is missing in the databank. Repairing with the blizzard launcher...
  7. SoooK

    [Solved] My minimap stoped working

    The minimap disapeared on my custom map. It's completely black. - I used an imported file "war3mapMap.blp", but even after deleting it, my minimap stays black. - Importing it again doesn't work. - I'm currently not using any other minimap related imports - The only minimap reated trigger...
  8. Sarungard

    [Import] Model went missing after 1.29

    Hi guys! After the patch I reopened one of my older map, where I used Happytauren's Chaos Citadel which was working fine. Until now, of course. And it is totally missing, I get a green box only. The fun fact, that model does not use any resources, just the base file only. I tried to reopen...
  9. Woodenplank

    Missing Portraits

    None of the units in my map have visible portraits; they're all just blank, dark spots (clicking them doesn't work either). Has anyone tried this before? Could I have downloaded a .blp to a bad path? Can a trigger function do it? Is everyone as clueless as me? (without providing extra...
  10. Dehua_Darbuya

    Old images are missing

    Long story short, I had some images uploaded on my profile just before the site was updated and heard that they would eventually be ported over. However the images have yet to be made available, even though it says there are "15 items" in the album. I know I could re-upload the images but I...
  11. Yours Truly

    Map's aren't showing up even its in the correct folder.

    There's something really weird going with Warcraft. I dunno if its my map's issue. I put my map in the "Scenario" folder,but when I open Warcraft and try to locate the map,it wasn't there. Can someone help me with this?