1. Unregret

    Need to find this kind of minigame

    I barely remember of these games. They all share same gameplay, is that you control a character, trying to take over entire map (a huge square area). You firstly start standing at this map border, while monsters are running inside. The only way to destroy them is to create a full square area: by...
  2. Stormshock

    [Minigame] Updated: Chess Battles minigame

    Hello Warcraft 3 fans, Last week I posted my map. Now I've updated it and added the new version here. Feel free to play the map. Comments are appreciated.
  3. Illidan(Evil)X

    [Minigame] WarPaint

    Description WarPaint is a simple drawing and guessing party minigame for up to 24 players. Gameplay One player becomes the artist and is tasked to draw a sketch that best illustrates the given (or chosen) subject. As the artist is busy drawing, the rest of the players has to guess the subject...
  4. RG00

    [Minigame] Space Invaders

    The full version is out, check it out!
  5. TheSilverhand

    Zombie Infestation

    Map Name: Zombie Infestation Creators: TheSilverHand, ... Position: Terrainers, Triggers, & Nerfing/Buffing. ( People who can nerf and buff stuff ). Summary: Depending on the Game modes selected; Easy, Normal, Hard, & Endless game mode = The Survivors will be sent to travel around the map, to...
  6. kja12

    [Minigame] Forest Party v0.08

    About: This map is a collection of minigames which can be played alone (with computers) or with other players. The mechanics and the style are pretty similar to those of the famous map called Uther Party which i am a big fan of. The map is playable in the current phase, however, i don't...
  7. Insanity_AI

    [Minigame] Prototype Railgun Arena - 0.64Beta

    Prototype Railgun Arena is a minigame type of map. The goal is to score as high as possible. How do you score? By killing other players, you get more score the higher killing spree you get! However, if you die, you lose a point. You have 5 abilities at your disposal: Railgun - 1 of the 3 means...
  8. The Backstab

    [Minigame] Werewolf V 0.1

    Help me to improve. Thx created by me TheBackstab a.k.a Chi Just a custom werewolf party game. Werewolf is generally divided by two teams: werewolves and villagers. The werewolves objective is to dominate the villager by killing one of them every night, while the villagers will vote for...
  9. Emm-A-

    [Role Playing Game] Emm-A-s Harvest Moon for Warcraft III

    Created by Emm-A- Hi Everybody, this is an RPG-like multiplayer adventure/farming game, based on the game series "Harvest Moon". There is an early version available now! Please test it and feel free to leave comments. The map is protected at the moment, until I have the time to provide the...