map ideas

  1. Kakorin(KvS)

    [Miscellanous / Other] The Wendigo Horror needs your feedback and ideas!

    Heyyo! dear HIVE map community, it's me, Kakorin/TheBeautifulPeople, i'm back into mapping and need all the help possible with my map The Wendigo Horror, because I think this map is going the wrong direction, so i'll be starting this thread with the next questions: What are your first...
  2. Duvo

    [Miscellanous / Other] Lordaeron Election Season

    I had this idea a while back, but I am never going to get around to getting it done. basically, there are so many leader figures in lordaeron lore I thought it might be funny to have a map where you play against about 5 other players attempting to get elected in their first democratic election...
  3. Hawkknight97

    Warcraft 3 Allied Race Wars.

    Hello there. This is my First Post and forgive me if it's bit messy and stuff but this is my Official Idea of how to make Warcraft 3 Reforged more Fun than it already is in terms of an idea from Battle for Azeroth that was complete lost after Patch 9.1 going into 9.2 with the Naga. The Idea of...
  4. Bangsgaard

    [Campaign] Interesting Campign Missions

    I am making a map for Warcraft 3 Reforged which is heavily inspired by the co-op commander concept in Starcraft 2. Essentially it is a map where you get to choose your "commander" which each has a special set of units with a unique playstyle. You then get to party up with another player to...
  5. matin45

    [Minigame] Clash Royale's map!

    Hi guys, You've probably played Clash Royale, A successful game from Supercell Company. I search in hive for this game is map but I don't find it. I think if this template is created by a professional, it will be successful and popular. I have some ideas for this map that might be interesting...
  6. TheSilverhand

    Random Events

    So I am working on my own melee map that is altered. The map has ingame commands for: -setname, -colorme *Color*, -close cam | -normal cam | -far cam. The map has: customized Heroes The map has: Randomized triggers that happen at the start of a round. -- IF anyone would help me come up with...