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mana shield

  1. Fallen Wizard

    [Spell] Large Mana Shield

    I was wondering if it's possible to make a larger mana shield, like a dome of protection that surrounds all units within it and stops enemies from entering, or attacking the units inside. And some thing else... if I make this spell, is there any way to set a variable for it? I mean like typing...
  2. ravellani

    [Solved] How does "Set Unit Weapon Boolean Field" Work?

    I am working on the Mana Shield ability and I have a trigger that when a unit uses mana shield it checks for a buff that it gives and disables the units attack. I think the above action can do it because it disables the attack when used but it does not reactivate it. I will post the trigger, the...
  3. A]mun

    Mana shield sizes (solved)

    Hail Hivers, i'm in need of a mana shield model, that changes its size depending on the object editor field: Art - required animation names - attachments "medium" or "large" (not sure if small also works?) The default mana shield model is one size only, so it gets overlapped by a larger unit's...
  4. NelsonLaJe

    [Help or Request WE] Passive Mana Shield

    Hello Hivers, it's been a while since I look at the forum, and today I came to ask if there is any tutorial in Hive to make an active skill into a passive skill as the title says is the Mana Shield I found a tutorial for put CD in passive skills but not to do what i want it it work like the...
  5. jaspergeli

    [Spell] How to make Mana Shield absorb damage after any damage reduction takes place?

    I want to make Mana Shield an armor-based ability so my hero is stronger in later parts of the game where he got high levels and many strong items. Because my always problem is that when the armor of my hero is too high, the mana to health cost ratio is not proportionate when the damage is...
  6. InSaNe_97

    Passive ability when "Mana Shield" is deactivated.

    Greetings! I want to make "Mana Shield" that when is deactivated unit (that has this ability) have some passive ability. Not about the title: In my case I want that passive ability be to hurl an rock on random target every 0 to 16 seconds in 900 range, that hit the target, deal damage, stun and...