1. Rykon-V73

    Curious help about auras

    I've been checking hive workshop, but I'm not sure if I can find Aura tutorials, as in how to make/create custom auras. Does anyone know if there's a tutorial like this?
  2. Keathen

    Aid in Making Maps

    As the title read, I need help in making maps. You can be in a long term or short term collaboration with me, or just one map. I love making maps, but never shared them because they were just lacking. My standard will be Medium to Epic-sized maps (if Epic is possible to me, though). You can also...
  3. MagmaBoy

    [Mapping] Making custom genre campaign

    Making custom genre campaign is a possible to make like modern warfare and alien/futuristic campaign but hard. You need for your custom genre campaign you need is skins, models, icons, sounds and musics, UI etc... also external files for your maps and custom game constants, interface and...
  4. Darkfang

    Direct Size Icon Making Tutorial in PAINT.NET

    Also remember to download and use the Button Manager tool and the BLP Lab tool. Orb of the Sun