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  1. Tevazian Conclave.jpg

    Tevazian Conclave.jpg

    When the Humans of the East first lost their source of Magic, the denizens of Norrour lent them the secrets of their own practices of Magic. The Human mage, Tevazu, hailing from the ruined Kingdom of Sapphirus, humbly accepted these gifts and formed a wise conclave under his name.
  2. ProlRayder

    Acehart's help to save/load Spell's with other things

    Hello, how is everything? I would like the help of someone who understands a little about save / load systems. I want to continue using the acehart system because I have over 200 items already stored. But on my map I would like the spells to be purchased. The easiest way I found for this is to...
  3. Loogris

    [Solved] Magic missiles and dummies

    I want to create a magic missile spell that lies somewhere between DnD original and DotA Tinker missiles. Basically, the idea is -- unit casts this spell and up to %n% magic missiles fly to nearby enemies (one missile per enemy), damaging them for %scaling damage%. I have three basic ideas but...
  4. Yahya

    Magic Resistance Ability using Items

    So I wanted to test out ghouls with a magic resistance ability they get a tier 2. Here's what I did tell me wht went wrong. What I did was use "Magic Defense" (Human Ability) and edit its value and tech tree requirements and placed it into the ghoul yet it doesn't apply in the game? (Option 1)...
  5. Darkmace100

    [Spell] Magic Defence

    So i am a little confused here. In the ability options it shows that it should be able to reflect both piercing attacks and spell as it has chance to reflect and amount of damage reflected. At first i noticed the ability made the target immune to magic which totaly defeated the purpose of it but...
  6. Dadicho

    Medivh's Staff (Atiesh) as Attachment Model

    Hi, first post is years, the recent update of warcraft 3 put me back into making stuff in the World Editor. In one of my maps, the main character has the possibility to gain an item named ''Atiesh'' just like in world of warcraft . With the attachments possibilities it makes it interesting for...
  7. Sarungard

    Might and Magic related models?

    Hi guys! I am making an altered melee map with custom races and I am curious, are there any HoMM-series related models published? Most of them would definitely fit in my new races as units and/or heroes! Thank you so much for the responses!
  8. Pebble

    [Aeon of Strife] Stones of Magic (BETA)

    Stones of Magic by Pebble Stones of Magic is a 3-Player Custom Map for Warcraft III that I've been working on for a few months now. It's finally at a point where I feel I can release it and hopefully get some feedback. Up until now, only myself and a few of my friends have played the map...
  9. Rykon-V73

    Magic Raise's side effect[solved it myself]

    I thought of a better trigger code for the spell. The problem is that the following text 'You don't have enough hit points for the spell.' must show up if the Spell Breaker's health (((Life of (Casting Unit))-160.00 => 1) isn't enough. I know I'm asking a dumb question.
  10. RobertMKD

    Is there a way to make magic immunity ignore friendly spells?

    Some of my abilities require a dummy spell, but it won't work when the target has magic immunity.
  11. xxdingo93xx

    [Arena] Cosmo Arena

    Welcome to .... Cosmo Arena After many years of pausing my activity on the hiveworkshop and maybe even on Warcraft 3 in general, my passion to this game overcame me again. Recently I felt like I could do more than what I did before, and I could make it even better. I am almost finished...