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  1. New Shattered Hand models

    New Shattered Hand models

    Updated models for Shattered Hand grunt https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/shattered-hand-grunt.325467/
  2. New Bonechewer models

    New Bonechewer models

    Updated models for Bonechewer grunt https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/bonechewer-grunt.325506/
  3. Mag'har Blackhand TC

    Mag'har Blackhand TC

  4. Mag'har Blackhand

    Mag'har Blackhand

  5. Dranosh Saurfang Mounted

    Dranosh Saurfang Mounted

    Kangyun's Dranos Saurfang model + Elrat's wolf rider's wolf mount + Jhonwar hero Nazgrel's wolf mount animations and armor bits
  6. Mag'har Thrall

    Mag'har Thrall

  7. Mag'har Hellscream

    Mag'har Hellscream

  8. Mag'har Farseer

    Mag'har Farseer

  9. Mag'har Blademaster

    Mag'har Blademaster

  10. Mag'har Warlock

    Mag'har Warlock

  11. Mag'har Kodo Beast

    Mag'har Kodo Beast

  12. Mag'har Brown Shaman

    Mag'har Brown Shaman

  13. Mag'har Shaman

    Mag'har Shaman

  14. Mag'har Raider

    Mag'har Raider

  15. Mag'har Grunt

    Mag'har Grunt

  16. Mag'har Peon

    Mag'har Peon

  17. Shattered Hand Butcher

    Shattered Hand Butcher

    A hero model base on Kodo Rider model with Beastmaster animation and shattered hand esthethic. Available here : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/hero-butcher.331400/
  18. Maghar Orclings

    Maghar Orclings

    Available here : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/orclings.327318/
  19. Garrosh standing in front of the gates of orgrimmar

    Garrosh standing in front of the gates of orgrimmar

    Model available here : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/garrosh-hellscream.326302/
  20. Garrosh hellscream model

    Garrosh hellscream model

    Available here : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/garrosh-hellscream.326302/
  21. Frostwolves


    Avalable here : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/frostwolf-grunt.325547/
  22. Frostwolves (mag'har)

    Frostwolves (mag'har)

    Avalable here : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/frostwolf-grunt.325547/
  23. Zzonehardy

    Mag’har Paladin

    I would like either a model or skin of a Mag’har Orc Paladin or a Half Orc Paladin. Anyone up to the challenge?
  24. 08. Mag'har Clans - 1

    08. Mag'har Clans - 1

  25. 08. Mag'har Clans - 2

    08. Mag'har Clans - 2

  26. 08. Mag'har Clans - 3

    08. Mag'har Clans - 3

  27. 08. Mag'har Clans - 4

    08. Mag'har Clans - 4

  28. 08. Mag'har Clans - 5

    08. Mag'har Clans - 5