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  1. Achille

    [Strategy / Risk] Lordaeron Gambit

    Lordaeron Gambit Welcome to Lordaeron Gambit! This map was something of a side project while I worked on Northrend Gambit. Using many of the same systems but smaller. The past few patches of Warcraft 3 introduced crashes that became such an obstacle to my editing of Northrend Gambit that I...
  2. StrangeCoast (Map Mission_Impossible)_01.jpg

    StrangeCoast (Map Mission_Impossible)_01.jpg

  3. Plagued Village 2 Wall

    Plagued Village 2 Wall

  4. Plagued Village

    Plagued Village

  5. DeathKing24712

    Looking for lost Amazing Map

    It had the entirety of Azeroth actually, (or just northrend, lordaeron, I don't remember clearly..) And basically it had Arthas as the Lich King (Custom Model) Naxxramas the floating Citadel, then the Scarlet crusade was also present with the Ashbringer, Alexander Morgraine, and some other...
  6. Little Timmy NFT

    Little Timmy NFT

    Lich king helmet, double tower (arcane scout), gold pile, RARE green eyes, medium grin, Shrek background and Lordaeron Summer version. For sale for 230,000 gold and all your moral rights within the Metaverse.
  7. Baron Sturgen

    Baron Sturgen

    For project #NorthrendRPG More details about the project: https://xgm.guru/p/blog-makkad/northrend-rpg-hero-manual#h3
  8. Seven Kingdoms Meeting

    Seven Kingdoms Meeting

  9. SevLlanto

    The Culling of Stratholme / Before and After

    Without a doubt, this is one of the most emblematic and remembered missions in the game. A point of no return that marks not only the life of our protagonist, but of everyone around him. I tried to recreate the reforged wallpaper of these scenes before and after, with a bit of creative freedom...
  10. What joy is there in this curse?

    What joy is there in this curse?

    Sylvanas and her entourage: banshees and dark rangers - fear her wrath!
  11. Figglewig

    Zangarmarsh 1v1

    This is my 2nd map I have ever tried making, and 1st to have attempted to post here. I would greatly appreciate feedback on this. Now with that out of the way time for the map. Zangarmarsh is a 1v1 map, based off the same region found in Outland. Map Description: Our scouts have...
  12. Army of Lordaeron

    Army of Lordaeron

    Model Credits goes to Asssssvi
  13. EggPooPoo

    The Old Hag Of Dark Wood

    You stumble across a bit of extra firewood. Another log or three wouldn't hurt right? :D Let's just grab it...and....YOW! You fall over, face in the grass. A stone! Before you have a chance to recover yourself, you feel a faint ticklish feeling on the sleeve of your upper arm. Feels like...
  14. Arthas(WIP)


  15. Footman_NEW


  16. sagi5533

    [Campaign] Arthas Campaign - Orcs (Prologue)

    Hey guys, it has been more then 1 year since I've uploaded the Undead campaign and it takes me some time to work on the Orcs campaign.(work, study and other stuffs ) Just to let you know that I didn't forget you I've uploaded a video with the Prologue of the campaign so you guys could watch it...
  17. Zektr

    [Campaign] Rise of Lordaeron

    Rise of Lordaeron Plot The kingdom of Lordaeron is in ruins. The Undead Scourge marches trough the land and destroys everything that stands in it's way. King Therenas is dead, Prince Arthas now belongs to the enemy and last heir of the throne, princess Calia Menethil, has been sent to safety...