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  1. Luashine

    Logging library: How to exfiltrate game data?

    I'm primarily concerned about Lua. I want more input or suggestions, because Preload is too slow for the amount of logs I wanted to generate. DisplayTextToPlayer: there're only 16 lines on screen and it is shared with map messages. In singleplayer the lines are saved to journal (F12) but not in...
  2. Ricola3D

    Desync produces a log folder : anybody knows how to read/understand it ?

    Hello, I have been looking for the random desync cause of the map I am editing (Xnd Hero Siege). I have searched all the potential causes documented on this forum, and also tried logging almost all trigger executions in the map, but it does not help me anymore.. Recently I discovered that on...
  3. HerlySQR

    Can you help me to read this crash log?

    My map crashes when I load a saved game (something I didn't notice until @RvP21 told me), I follow this: Crash Logs to solve the problem I found this: ---------------------------------------- Memory Dump ---------------------------------------- Code: 16 bytes starting at (EIP = 150348BC)...
  4. Kick King

    [LUA] Way to see console log of active game

    Hey, So, I'm creating this map and I has some fairly long Lua scripts in it that I'm trying to debug. Which has become kinda a nightmare because if there is a runtime error, it's super difficult to track down because it doesn't display any info about what caused that thread to crash. I was...
  5. Ricola3D

    How can I log things to debug desync issues ?

    Hello, Like many developers, sometimes, with some players, my map desync. It is not systematic, happens at different time, and doesn't happen often. So it is hard as hell to debug this sh*t... This is a reason why I added log in my maps. I made functions to write rolling logs in a file on the...
  6. Ricola3D

    Debugging: how-to log all trigger executions?

    Hello, I am trying to debug a desync issue. For this I am already doing hooks on functions known for causing desync that write logs in a local file. However, I'd like to also log trigger executions. This way I may be able to know what last triggers execute before desync. Do you know how I can...