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  1. whyYOUmadSIR

    Unit models not centred to location?

    I noticed that if I apply effects to the location of certain units (priest, footman, spellbreaker etc), the effect does not align properly with the unit model -- usually looks to be shifted to the right. If I instead were to place the effect at the unit's origin as opposed to its location, it...
  2. Mathayis

    Location indicator request *solved*

    Hey there! Just looking for a simple Location indicator model, similar to the one in Rexxar campaign. If anyone knows where I could find something like that. It could be just a simple glowing line, or a row of small glowing orbs XD I'm currently using a stretched out spell effect, just wanting...
  3. Dispatcher

    World Editor Crash

    Hi guys i have a big problem here in my world editor i have downloaded a draenei archer model created by Ganondorf it contains the mdx,blp and the portrait i have imported them all in the import manager in world editor and change the path of the blp file from war3mapImported\DraeneiArcher.blp to...
  4. Dispatcher

    Assigning Ai

    Guys can you please tell me how to make my ai in WE to stay and defend thier and my base when attacked a holdout kind of map i'm making here pls help.
  5. Dispatcher

    Problem with importing model

    Guys do you know how to import the blood elven model of an archer all of the files are all blp's created by 67chrome does anyone know how to import this model?pls help.
  6. Dispatcher

    Importing Models

    Heys guys Im importing a Model called Reliquary Thaumaturge but it appears as a checkered box. What i did is i open the world editor and then i opened the object and created a custom hero or unit which the blood mage and then i imported its model the file with the mdx in the end and then i saved...
  7. Rykon-V73

    Help with sound effects and also...

    ...yes, I noticed some models have different sound effects, such as the spirit bomb using a different sound effect when the bomb hits an enemy. How can I do that? Also, Devalut told me that even if I changed all textures for FarseerMissile_Fel, the death pulse is still blue. Where is that...
  8. M4gz

    [General] Problem with RemoveLocation()

    I found that deleting a location also deletes the value that was copied from them. In this case, double ping is expected at a random point. But this does not happen; one ping occurs at a random point and the second in the center of the map. Ping Events Conditions Actions Set...
  9. DrTema

    Help with Coordinates, please.

    Hello, I kinda don't have idea how guy in the video made this. So what's the idea. I want to move special unit to any location on the map by command in chat. I can use trigger "Conversion - Convert String to Real" to set varibales for X and Y coordinates. So for "X" coordinates I use "6,8"...