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  1. TheFireMage

    [Spell] Life Steal and Rage

    I made an ability based on Immolation. When the hero activates the spell, he gains hit points upon attacking the enemies but also lose mana each hit. I changed the the buff to vampiric aura but it made the enemies lose health and the hero gains no hit points. Do I have to make another ability...
  2. Ricola3D

    Universal+stacking lifesteal issues (particularly with illusions)

    Hello, In my map I am trying to make a triggered life steal that works for every units attack type (melee, ranged) and compatible with orb effects. I also want that it stacks. To do so, I made the trigger that periodically check units every 0.25s for...
  3. Virus-X

    Lifesteal from spells.

    Edit Again:I using items "blade of the ruined king", it has 12% life steal when using spell or attack, when i attack enemy has 80% hit point, i has only 80% hit point and lost 20% hit point and when i attack 30% hit point, i only has 30% hit point and lost 70% hit point Can everyone tell reasons...