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  1. Act1Part3


  2. Black Legion Risen Soldiers

    Black Legion Risen Soldiers

    The necromancers of the Black Legion have learned to raise the corpse of the fallen soldiers of the Black Legion.
  3. Devious Dread Lord/Varimathras(Back)

    Devious Dread Lord/Varimathras(Back)

    Back view, "stitches" removed Redesign of the original Dreadlord based on Warcraft Reforged and concept-art. Within the style of the classics.
  4. Devious Dread Lord/Varimathras

    Devious Dread Lord/Varimathras

    Redesign of the original Dreadlord based on Warcraft Reforged and concept-art. Within the style of the classics.
  5. popnrshin

    [Role Playing Game] World of Warcraft Lichking raid-Region Remix Development

    Hi I am now developing this map around few years. Sometimes I released new versions of this map, but it was Korean. My goal is translate Korean to English and discuss with you about this map. MAP SIZE : 256 x 256 MAP TYPE : Raid-RPG MAP PLAYERS : Single (Can be multi-play later...) APPROX...
  6. zhica

    The Nighthold Beta demo v0.1b

    -THE NIGHTHOLD- [RAID] FeaturesHasPlayers10Dps Recount + Combat TimeYesAlmost unique heroes6Approximate Playtime15 min.DifficultiesNoStateBeta Demo The map will auto split the heroes smartly to all players playing. Smartly means it wont just split half the heroes to 2 players, it will split 1...
  7. popnrshin

    My project developing SINCE 2009

    Hi guys. This is first time to write. :) First of all, I am Korean, but I have no problem to communicate English. I show you my Warcraft 3 usemap project since 2009. Kindly click the youtube video/ Also you can visit my channel Project name is Wraith of Lich King(WOTLK) Raid (with concepts)...
  8. Terenal

    The Battle for the Broken Shore

    Hi there! Brand new developer here working on a map that will start off centered around a tactical battle for the fate of the Broken Shore. History may very well change in these matches, which will make it fun to start working on! However, I haven't developed or scripted since I worked with...
  9. DarkRanger2

    [Campaign] The Cry of the Banshee.

    Dark Ranger Alice Darkview Presents The cry of the Banshee •Ice Queen• Command the army of mindless creatures and use Frostmourne to create more undead and resurrect the miserable creatures that may have the honnor of being killed by Frostmourne itself! Once again, the specter of...
  10. _Guhun_

    Model/Skin Request: Ranged Unit

    Hey guys. I looked around for one, but could not find it at all =/ Can anyone point me to a model that is a human ranged unit that has a similar color scheme and armor style to this? Black Legion Priest If you don't know any model like this, but want to make one, that would be greatly...
  11. L1ghtFox

    Roman Soldiers

    Hello guys, i need some model of roman soldiers, for my project. Pls help :)
  12. Varian's Head

    Varian's Head

    Project Mutation
  13. Varian's Armor

    Varian's Armor

    100% Textures In-Game
  14. Varian Wrynn (Legion Version) - Step 1/3

    Varian Wrynn (Legion Version) - Step 1/3

    Varian Wrynn, The King of Stormwind