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  1. Diegoit

    Birth anim paster

    Looking for someone that can help me to support the Kobold races. What i need? just someone that can paste my birth anim to my Kobold buildings. My works Birth anim paste Please and Thanks - Wait! I think i can do this be my self :).
  2. Maxwell

    [Campaign] Kobold's Legacy

    Kobold's Legacy - is Rogue-like project for Warcraft lll. The project will be released as a campaign which will contain the Main Game and Game Modes. Right now it's just at the phase of dungeon crawler mode named Underground Arena which brings a multitude of items, creatures, bosses and rooms...
  3. Maxwell

    Kobold Statue

    Hello there guys. To cut the long story short I need stone (or even golden if it possible) statue of this Kobold. Would be great if somebody will help me. Animation set - Only stand and death (just dissapear under ground). Thank you for attention.
  4. Diegoit

    Kobold reborn (help and ideas)

    I was making some kobold buildings but i had problems with the birth effect, i dont know how to paste it the orc building effect (birth). Im requesting someone that help me with it (birth) and with teamcolor :). Also requesting ideas. Remember Kobold live underground. - Also requesting...
  5. gusanomental

    Kobold Escape! v1.35