1. Izzetin

    [Solved] Slash / Pushback Ability help

    Hello Community, Iam looking for a rather generic Spell but i cant figure out how to do this Specific variation of it. I need an Ability (close range, frontal cleave) where the Casting unit Slides slighty towards the Enemy while doing a ''Slash'' effect Attack Animation. If the Enemy infront of...
  2. Planetary

    [Lua] Basic Knockback

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  3. Gumberbunbder

    Knock Back 3D Help

    I’m using T.D.W’s knockback system to have ranged units knock back the units that they hit. The problem is when multiple ranged units hit the same target the knock back effect stacks and sends the hit unit flying. I want units that have been knocked back to be immune to further knock back...
  4. Thiiago

    [Trigger Spell] Just an circular knockback

    I need help to make an spell.. Name is: Roar of Wild "Push all enemies around the caster to back" Red points - The Caster Green points - The Enemies Knockbackeds Light Blue arrows - The direction of enemies is knockbacked Blue circle - Max area os Knockback in circular around caster The AoE...
  5. Marebre

    [vJASS] Knockback System

    EDIT: I realized I wrote lot more text than decency allows, so, in short: Is there a knockback system that will slide an unit to exact point (i.e. slide exact distance)? Or, how to do math for in this one to achieve just that? I need a knockback system (because I'm rather too lazy to make it...
  6. Cobalt

    Knockback spell problem - It only works once.

    Hello. I'm working on a map project and I want one of the heroes to have a knockback spell, and it works fine once but after the first use it doesn't work properly, because the target isn't knocked back at all. I'm using Bribe's GUI friendly damage detection system. Thank you in advance for any...
  7. Bribe

    GUI Knockback 2.5D v4.2.5.0