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  1. Myutsuu

    Warcraft 3 Who is true Oracle from Stonetalon Peak?

    As the topic. When Thrall meets Cairne, Cairne mentions to him about the Oracle who lives in Stonetalon Peak. But there we meet Medivh. Do you think the legends were talking about Medivh? Or had a true oracle once lived here and he had taken his place? "Legends say that it saw the strands of...
  2. Voljin

    Night Elf Ruins

    Not entirely sure if this is the proper place to post this, but I am building a map based on Blizzard's Azshara zone in WOW and also one of Darnassus and I've noticed that there aren't really any Night Elf buildings in the hive to use. There are a lot of modern NE buildings like ancients and...
  3. Orgrimmar's Horde Crest

    Orgrimmar's Horde Crest

    A simple cnp edit of the WoW Horde crest, to represent the Orcish Horde of Orgrimmar.
  4. Gilded

    [Life of a Peasant] Orchish Frontiers(FOTN Inspired)

    Orchish Frontiers(FOTN Inspired) [Continous Updates] :witch_doc_sad:HELL-O 2019 (its been 2 years) (Expect Terrain Updates then Triggers then adding Hive Assets and basically making the "Game") I was inspired by FOTN. The game psyched me to create a new map that allows you to control Orc...