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item stacking

  1. HerlySQR

    [Solved] I found a bug with the item stack of the new versions

    Hello, I tried to create a Item Spawn system that detects when you picked an item and then discounting it from that ones that are in the floor, but I discovered an annoying bug. The items I spawn are stackable and when is picked the function GetManipulatingItem() instead of returning the picked...
  2. HerlySQR

    Problem with a trigger

    I create this trigger to acumulate items (I really don't want doing the powerup thing), I think it is ok but it just do until "remove item being manipulated" what am I doing bad? To understand I only have 10 types of items that I wanna stack saved in a variable called "Objetos_cargado"...
  3. ravellani

    Permanent Item stacking

    I have seen in Warcraft 3 maps that some permanent items can be stacked in 1 hero inventory slot but the hero still gets the buffs from all the items. How is this done? For example: 15 Claws of Attack in 1 slot and the hero gets a damage bonus of 225 which is 15 times 15.
  4. MyPad

    Item Stacking and Splitting - Submission

    Mission Type: Item Missions Performed: Item Stacking, Item Splitting Reason for Merging of Missions: These two felt like they are mutually inclusive of each other, which led me to submit both of these snippets. (User-defined) Globals used: globals integer array udg_ItemType_ChargeItem...