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  1. coconut

    How to make an image instead of a minimap in the lobby

    I need to put a picture instead of a minimap, but so that it is displayed only in the lobby. The game itself should have a normal minimap. I tried to change war3mapMap, but in-game minimap is replaced with image too.
  2. Super Mario

    Changing the time indicator skin

    Hi i'm creating a custom UI for reforged and am struggling with the time indicator skin. I changed humanuitile-timeindicator.dds (moon and sun image) and imported it as UI\Console\Human\Humanuitile-Timeindicator.dds but it won't work. I changed the mask-skins to alpha-images to test what...
  3. Luashine

    Image upload limit

    I uploaded this totally cool new thing Notepad++ Jass/vJass syntax highlighter and wanted to attach a big beautiful web image that showed syntax highlighting of a big boring code file with vJass. The screenshot was 8-bit palette PNG, why would you need to know? Because I optimized it very well...
  4. forumfada

    Warcraft 3 AoE Target images. I need top view for a tattoo design. Where can i get ?

    Guys, I've been trying to get a good TOP DOWN VIEW image of the AoE ground target from W3 so I can make a tattoo design for myself but all I can find online are low res images. So I'm looking for an image that have the "runes" signs and all at least sharp. Here's an exemple of what I'm searching for
  5. MStylo

    Menu Minimap Image

    Does anybody know how to create custom minimap image when browsing and hosting maps now that it's reforged? What used to work on classic now doesn't.
  6. Rykon-V73

    Nerubian race/faction picture

    You know there are other custom race/faction pictures that can be used. Well, I want something like this, but only for the Nerubian race. Thanks.
  7. BradPittlord

    Displaying Image

    I'm trying to show an Image at the point where a unit is attacked, problem is it only shows if the unit is standing in certain positions. Here's the trigger Sarah Palin Events Game - GDD_Event becomes Equal to 0.00 Conditions Actions If (All Conditions are True)...
  8. BradPittlord

    [Solved] Image Photoshop Transparent Background

    Nother question, is it possible to show a Image in game with a transparent Photoshop background without it just showing up as a white background?
  9. troylowyee

    Minimap+Coders for KodoDefence game

    I've been creating this Kodo Defence game for well over two years and being a trigger only guy I don't do much artwork and terraining. I really need help with a minimap image for my map. I would really appreciate all the help as well as someone who is free to help me code some of the new things...
  10. Levi Ackerman

    How to make a 2D preview for a model

    Hi,As you know there is a preview for every model when you click on it.Its in down-left of the game. It will show you the model from a specified look. I saw in many maps... 3D preview is replaced with a 2D picture of that model.I want to know how to make that for a model. Here is a example:
  11. DatBoi

    [Miscellanous / Other] I need your opinnion

    Do you guys like this? Its the center of the map, the objective of my map, middle is the artifact that the miners have to retrieve. Preview by DatBoi posted Jul 2, 2016 at 3:01 PM It uses EXACTLY 874 doodads, custom doodads, and all doodads in there are edited to fit perfectly.