1. Sakurose

    Does anyone know how to change the colour of illusions?

    What I tried: 1,create a illusion and change the colour, faild. 2,create illusion and change the colour of local player,faild. 1,create a illusion for Player12(enemy of all players) and change the illusion 's owner to the spelling hero,faild. Is it possible to change the colour of illusions?
  2. Cheshire

    [Solved] multiple illusions from wand

    hey, is there any way to make wand of illusion make multiple illusions? I am trying to base a hero ability off of it to create illusions of other units (unlike mirror image which creates only of the caster) and haven't been able to get more than two... (caster (1)+dummy(1)) [ideally i would...
  3. Ricola3D

    Universal+stacking lifesteal issues (particularly with illusions)

    Hello, In my map I am trying to make a triggered life steal that works for every units attack type (melee, ranged) and compatible with orb effects. I also want that it stacks. To do so, I made the trigger that periodically check units every 0.25s for...
  4. Natu

    [Solved] Illusion does not gain bonus stats

    Hey guys. Have you had this problem before? I placed a Paladin hero, gave it an Item Damage Bonus ability using triggers, then make illusion of it, but the illusion does not inherit the bonus damage. I tried also armor, str, agi, & int stats, they all don't work. I think this is hardcoded...
  5. RobertMKD

    Is there a way to make illusions play animations and change color/transparency?

    I need illusions to do stuff that normal unit's can a lot in my map, but normal illusions don't, so how do I go around that?
  6. redivider

    Need example trigger for casting Item Illusion

    Like the title says, can someone give me someone guide me to do it? thank you very much :vw_sad:
  7. Rheiko

    How do I make an illusion?

    As the title says, how do i make an Illusion? In World Editor, there's only two way to do that. One is using Mirror Image and the other one is using Wand Of Illusion. That's all I know. Mirror Image is a no way because it'll create illusions for the owner of the caster only. What I need is an...