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id spell

  1. Kokor

    [Spell] Problem With same ID Spell

    Hi i have problem with same ID spell order i want to use spells in one building can somebody help me thx dont know ho to change value AHwe its the summoning build so if i want to summon skeleton dont want to summon the others with him sry for english
  2. El Saif

    Trigger how to check if unit has any ability

    Usually, to see if a unit has a spesific ability or not, we're using trigger like 'Level of Thunder Clap greater than or equal to 0'. Here, i wonder how to check does a unit have ANY ability or not. I believe it has something to do with ability id. In my mind, we'll do something like check the...
  3. Ricola3D

    WE - abilities - "Text - Order String - Use/Turn On"

    Hello, It has been 3 hours I am trying to make triggered orders, with some temporary abilities I give to the units. And I have the feeling that when I change the value of "Text - Order String - Use/Turn On" in the editor, Warcraft III just doesn't care, and keep the original value, so if I...
  4. sonbaotvk

    How to view ID spell or mod spell in map dota ...

    1. How to get this ID in SpawnData.slk , SplatData.slk , UberSplatData.slk .... 2. How do you know spell use files located? I think files ( CampaignAbilityFunc.txt , Common , item , undead , human , nightelf ...... ) in map does not contain sufficient information of spell ! 3. How to add...