1. Dord96

    [SD/Modeling] Anchorite unit

    hello want to make a mep where the Exodar draenei are units the replece the blood elven units what i had in mind is the sorcerer , vindicator , and anchorite for wich i need a model pleass i would appreciate a male anchorite (mabey based on Absolution Regalia set?) pleass and thank you 🙏🙏🙏
  2. Stormvarsel29

    [Role Playing Game] Laid to Rest

    An RPG for Warcraft 3 Reforged by Storm This is a single-player scenario map for Warcraft 3 Reforged. It is set in an alternate universe where vampires, werewolves and other evil gothic creatures subsist. You play as an inquisitor, Jack Morrison, where you will have to both fight, talk and...
  3. BrazilEmperor

    Some abilities ideas for my units

    Hi Folks, i need some ideas for some of my Human Race units. My map is inspired on Oldschool Warcraft : Orcs and Humans. I need that you give some abilities/ skills for those units: Footman/Legionary - Archer - Knight (armed with jousting lance) - Handgunner - Halberdier - Gryphon...
  4. BrazilEmperor

    Help! i need suggestions!

    Hi Folks! i'm working in a one of my maps. is about a personal version of me of the human race in a fantastic Tolkienian universe. the problem is that I did not decide on what I would designate a unit that I created, called "Templar" (based on the Paladin). this unit would have 4 abilities (one...
  5. hakonwarcraft


    I am making a campaign where Turalyon, Alleria windrunner is the main characters, where I want to focus on them joining the Grand Army of the Light. What I do need for this campaign is a holy dreadlord Icon for High Commander Lothraxion. Also a lightforged draenei (with a sword and a shield)...
  6. Uklabokalala

    [Altered Melee] Purge

    Purge Who plays Altered Melees anymore, right? You play as a Crusader sent to purge a decimated land full of monsters and undead. However, other Crusaders have also come to the land to do the same thing, and because of that, religious tension grows and a war breaks out. Game-play is altered...