1. Skythian Archer

    Skythian Archer

  2. Gerhajdu89

    [Strategy / Risk] Civilizations

    This is real-time strategy map based on Civilization 5 and 6. The map will include lots of civilizations to play each with their own unique ability. England works differently from the Aztecs. The goal is to crush your enemies in combat or collect the most victory points by the end of the game...
  3. pyf

    Can not display more than the latest 30 alerts, after a long inactivity

    So I am logging in again on THW after more than one month. The top right red indicator informs me that I have 48 alerts pending to review. When I want to see a list of said 48 alerts, I am made aware of the 30 latest ones (which corresponds to one page displayed), which is the expected behavior...
  4. 3dris

    History & Lore

    Why not creating an charming history based of Warcraft 3 Lore? Maybe an history about Arthas' childhood and how he meet Jaina, or the situation of Lordaeron before the Scourge, or how the Alliance was created or things like that. It seems like a good idea for me.
  5. CampScouter

    History of vJASS?

    Well, this section says about trigger or script. I just wanted to know the history of JASS to vJASS. Before I learn vJASS, I want to learn its history first. :)
  6. FlameofChange

    [Altered Melee] Age of Humanity (AoE like map)

    Hello there, and welcome to the main topic of my map Age of Humanity. It's a constant WiP map still in a prototypical state but fully playable and functional. Age of Humanity can be defined as a tribute to all of the Age of Empires-like games : Age of Empires, Empire Earth, Age of...
  7. ExMortis

    What is high elven culture based of?

    I find elves, night elves and high elves one of the hardest thing to write for. What are they based of? Greeks, romans, sumerians, babylonians, persians? What were they like when they had a world-spanning empire?