1. Dord96

    [HD/Modeling] mages for humans and blood/high elves

    hello i request models of heros and units for humans and elves to fill more roles in the roster like say pyromancer arcaniestand hydromancer plus spell buffs and effects for the blood/high elves and for the humans not just kul tiras thankes in advance
  2. Kclantern1984

    How to use alternate hero skins?

    I am trying to figure out how to use the alternate female Death Knight and Demon Hunter skins in a custom (not Melee) map. I am told I can accomplish this with triggers, but I have no idea how. Can anybody walk me through how to set the trigger?
  3. fireblasts

    League Of Warcraft

    Map based off of League of Legends aos Just looking for someone who can aid me in trigger work and hero design
  4. ravellani

    Hero Siege Hero Ideas

    I am making a hero siege and I want to make all the normal melee units into heroes with 3 ability's and 1 ultimate each. I also want the ability's to go with the unit they are for, so for instance the footman might have defend. I would like ideas for the footman, elf archer, grunt, and the...
  5. fireblasts

    Build Your Army

    Currently looking for someone to help build a map with me, you know those old build to fight maps? I would like to make something like that in the new warforged map editor but with a different feel. Imagin this you build units send them to an area where they stay and once every wave they all...
  6. The Panda

    War of the Guardians [Hero Defense]

    War of the Guardians [Hero Defense] After the 4th war, the Orcish Horde has planted there base in the black wood forests. While the orcs are silent, the Human Alliance are camping out nearby, keeping a close eye on them. Knowing the orcs have a secret weapon to defeat the Alliance, the humans...