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hero icon

  1. SpiritFryer2

    How to move top left hero buttons (ORIGIN_FRAME_HERO_BUTTON)? (faulty code and map file inside)

    Hello! I'm trying to move the top left hero buttons (ORIGIN_FRAME_HERO_BUTTON), but it seems they're stuck to the left side of the hero bar (ORIGIN_FRAME_HERO_BAR). With some experimentation, it seems hero buttons have two hardcoded UI layout behavior 1. Stick to the left of the hero bar 2...
  2. DexterFstone

    Icon Import

    Hi I import icon and it's good view in game but when game is pause icon has green color How to fix?
  3. tough_zai

    how can i make my normal unit gain XP?

    We all know that Hero unit can be changed models and be like any other kind of unit,, so what i am aiming now is to make my normal units gain xp and level up, without using heroes as base.. coz heroes icons can be seen on the left side of the screen and will flood my screen if you have 10 or...
  4. Darkfish

    REQUEST: Donald Trump Hero Icon

    I'd like this picture of him as an icon for a hero I am creating. His face only please. Much appreciated and thank you in advance.