hero concepts

  1. realnicolbolas

    How to create a specific corpse summon based spell

    Hello, i need help with figuring out how to create a specific spell in the world editor. This spell is an ultimate for a Hero/Champion i'm currently working on that would basically function as Summons a set amount of units, and then summons additional units from each corpse nearby Iv'e tried...
  2. Celso Luis

    Spider Hero Idea!!!

    This was an idea that came up as I read the lightnovel "Kumo desu ga nani ka ?!", so I decided to do a hero type pesonagem with some basic skills based on heroin. feel free to use, comment or give ideas.;) A special Thanks to Pyrogasm that helped me with a web spell Trigger
  3. Ricola3D

    Hero-Defense: looking for new hero ideas

    Hello, I'm customizing a X Hero Siege, and what do create new heroes for the fun. Thus I am looking for ideas of ability sets. Here are the ideas I got this far: - Set of poison/dot abilities & stacking-buffs - Set of rune (or tree) placement abilities (each rune having a zone effect) -...
  4. redscores

    My concepts for my new Project: Siege of Darkholme AoS

    Hello! I am back in mapmaking and I am currently planning a new AoS map. This includes: -Heroes -Items -NPCs and so on. But today I would like your opinion on two hero concepts I have been working on...