hero ability

  1. Hannesburgo

    [Solved] Check if an ability kills an unit and do certain effect

    Hello there! I am creating a new ability to my hero called Plunder. The skill itself is a point-and-click damaging skill that, if kills an unit, gives the player gold. The problem is: Whenever I try a new solution, two of the scenarios happen: 1) The player gains gold even if it doesnt kill...
  2. DexterFstone

    learn skill

    why I can't learn the last skill in all heroes, What is problem?
  3. realnicolbolas

    How to create a specific corpse summon based spell

    Hello, i need help with figuring out how to create a specific spell in the world editor. This spell is an ultimate for a Hero/Champion i'm currently working on that would basically function as Summons a set amount of units, and then summons additional units from each corpse nearby Iv'e tried...
  4. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Trigger] Skillshot with AOE damage - damage often triggers multiple times?

    Hi all, As part of a larger project, I'm making a hero ability (based on Death and Decay) called Fire Bolt (unrelated to the in-game Firebolt ability). Fire Bolt is meant to do as follows: The character picks a target direction A projectile unit spawns and begins travelling a set distance in...
  5. Ricola3D

    Hero-Defense: looking for new hero ideas

    Hello, I'm customizing a X Hero Siege, and what do create new heroes for the fun. Thus I am looking for ideas of ability sets. Here are the ideas I got this far: - Set of poison/dot abilities & stacking-buffs - Set of rune (or tree) placement abilities (each rune having a zone effect) -...
  6. 2noobig4you

    [Mapping] How to: Custom levelable Hero Abilities

    Alright Guys i'm trying to show you how to make: Custom levelable Hero Abilities. Explanation: Since i searched a lot for this, i have never found something really useful about that. Most Tipps were just: "It has something to do with Engineering Upgrade but you gotta figure out on your own."...