1. ActionGorilla

    Custom Gaming Discord

    Hey all, I recently started back to Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 and found it was difficult to start a lot of older custom maps due to limited visibility and community, so I decided to start one up myself. A brief description is below. We would love to have additional members! We are an active...
  2. Death Adder

    [Solved] Just can't seem to get group enum of locusted units to work

    My issue is that both call DisplayTimedTextToForce( GetPlayersAll(), 4.00, "locusts in group: " + I2S(CountUnitsInGroup(locust_spawns_group[i])) ) and set globalInt = 0 call GroupEnumUnitsOfPlayer(locust_spawns_group[i], p, function CountLocustsInGroupEnum)...
  3. Cheshire

    [General] picked unit loop inside picked unit loop

    hello there, If I nest a "pick every unit in unit group" loop inside a "pick every unit in unit group" loop - which unit will be treated as picked unit? will something like this work, or will it refer back to the first picked unit again? Carried periodic Events Time - Every...
  4. Peach Schnapps

    [Solved] Pretty please help making GUI dummy/buff system MUI?

    Trigger Events Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing test as An exact match Conditions Actions Set VariableSet Hero_Group = (Units in (Playable map area) matching ((Unit-type of (Matching unit)) Equal to Hero)) Unit Group - Pick every unit...
  5. SoooK

    [Solved] Killing a unit inside a UnitGroup loop messes up my trigger.

    I want to pick every unt in a group matching some conitions and then deal damage to them. This works fine as long as I don't kill any unit. If I do, then the UnitGroup loop still cycles through all units inside the UnitGroup, but: 1. every other unit after the dead one, doesn't recieve damage...
  6. SoooK

    [Solved] Help me understand loops and actions per unit in group

    I don't understand: For each (Integer INT) from a to b, do (Actions) Unit Group - Pick every unit in GROUP and do (Actions) I think, that every action inside a "For each INT from a to b do (Actions)"-loop, is executed for the current value of INT, then INT gets increased by 1 and repeats all...
  7. STomP1992

    How can I do more than 6 Forces?

    Hey guys :) I got this problem. I want 8 Forces with every time 3 players. I figured out there was a maximum of 6. I think I played many fun maps and in some of them you had more than 6.
  8. Ofel

    Best way to calculate fight power?

    function hAI_GetUnitFightPowerAgainstUnit takes unit u1, unit u2 returns real local real sourceHp = GetWidgetLife(u1) local real targetHp = GetWidgetLife(u2) local real sourceWeaponDamage = hAI_GetUnitWeaponDamageToUnit(u1, 1, u2) // u1 weapon damage against u2 local real...
  9. CodeBlack

    Group Movement System

    Hey guys :) i have been working on a prototype for a Group movement system...inspired by total war unit movement. i got a very basic prototype running and some experimental optional features. I would like to get some feedback and/or ideas on how to improve the system in terms of efficiency...
  10. CodeBlack

    [Solved] Custom Scripts / creating unit groups

    Hey there :) can somebody tell me how to properly use custom scripts to create a specific unit group in a group array. I need to number it as follows: Custom value of Unit + (Player Nr. of owner casting unit * 10) is that even possible? greetings CodeBlack
  11. CodeBlack

    [Solved] Hashtables and unit Groups

    Hey guys, i am currently working on a group movement system for one of my maps and so far everything works fine...except one thing. This is the first time im using hashtables as core of a system and i dont understand how to use them with Unit Groups. I tried this: Unit Group - Add (Last...
  12. Lounge

    W3:TFT Custom Games Nights

    Looking for a few more people to play W3 custom games in the evenings EST. Playing HLW, Hero Wars, Vampirism, Trolls and Elves, LTW, DOTA and more.
  13. MyPad

    Widget Utilities

    I thought of writing up something that would allow destructable groups to be utilized for more than what Blizzard has given us access to. Here is what I've written: Knowing of the possible new API for the newer patches of Warcraft III and finally having used it, I have decided to rewrite the...