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  1. Luashine

    [Solved] Broken graphics and no cursor in menu inside VirtualBox

    You can run Warcraft 3 if you enable VBoxSVGA graphics with 3D acceleration in VirtualBox settings. Yet the main menu will have broken colors and won't show a cursor. Nonetheless the game works fine once you load a map. Solution: Go to game's graphics options (hotkeys or navigate your cursor by...
  2. namelessly


    Download Center: Quenching - Download Center Official site: Quenching - Warcraft Reforged Mod Chinese: 淬火试炼-魔兽争霸3重制版Mod Quenching on Hive: Quenching Mod Quenching on Discord: Join the Warcraft III Reforged Mod Quenching Discord Server! Join to discuss stuff, give feedback, play...
  3. W

    Discussion: Icons submission's rules & guidelines, WC3 icons' borderlines to WC3R icons' borderlines

    The icons' submission rules and guidelines say the standard Warcraft 3 borders, with the Button Managers, is there the consideration of switching from WC3 icons' borderlines to WC3R icons' borderlines since they are still WC3-based instead of the latter? Or, prolly, is it fine for the future...
  4. Nudl9

    Remove "press any key" from loadingscreen

    The title pretty much sums it up. I couldn't find anything when using search. So how do i go on about it? I know DOTA has a custom loadingscreen without requiring you to press any buttons. Just without things cluttering in front of it. Also is it possible to get widescreen support?
  5. LordHatchet95

    Graphic Bug on TFT Startup

    Pretty much the image's self explainatory, but can't skip all the details. Works OK in-game, works OK the rest of the tools, accepts mods, but I find that the main menu BG doing that could mean some huge issue about a graphical component, either driver, mdl/mdx/txt/all-the-above file associated...
  6. ENAleksey

    [RenderEdge] Graphic modification for Warcraft III

    Experimental version | Widescreen Fix | Memory Hack Current version v0.3.0 Introduction I think many people have seen the Nirvana project where the author has implemented Normal Mapping, Shadow Volume, and various post-effects. I decided to continue his work. RenderEdge is a modification...
  7. Edge45

    Edge45 Art

    I've decided to make my own thread of the artworks that I've made. Whether it's bad or good it's up to you. While I'm just average at Photoshop, I'm getting really used to it by mouse, can't wait to get me a Graphics Tablet, as I'm also doing pieces by traditional means. I would appreciate any...