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  1. yuriy_valandil

    [Strategy / Risk] LOTR - War in Middle Earth -

    LOTR WAR IN MIDDLE EARTH ------- Basic Info: Welcome to "LOTR War in Middle Earth" WarCraft 3 map made by yuriy_valandil. Rts map enspired by the books of J.R.R. Tolkien and the movies of Peter Jackson. Chose one of the factions of good or evil and fight with your allies for the dominion of...
  2. WTFliio

    BattleForMiddleEarth WarcrafT EditioN

    Hi, so yeah. I'm new to this website, i joined here for like a... 7 months ago. Though, I played Warcraft for like 3 years already, and then I searched a Warcraft 3 modding site, and I found this site. And now I'm making a map that has BFME based Map, and I need more models. Since, converting...
  3. Faramir


  4. Dol Amroth Knight

    Dol Amroth Knight

  5. Dunedain Ranger

    Dunedain Ranger

  6. Gondor Bannerman

    Gondor Bannerman

  7. TheFrenchLeprechaun

    LOTR : Peoples of Middle Earth - Exclusive models

    Hey there! To celebrate the upcoming Alpha release of the MOD Peoples of Middle Earth, I decided to share the exclusive models I did. Most of them are edited from WoW models (simple shape modifications + re-texturing). This post will be updated little by little :) Gondor Soldier Gondor...
  8. Sinandur

    LOTR Resource

    I'm looking for someone who can create a proper working portrait for this resource (and, optionally, reduce the file size of one or more of the resource's parts through compression without sacrificing too much quality). There are four parts to this resource. While I've tried to make my own...
  9. TheFrenchLeprechaun

    [Altered Melee] [ALPHA] Lord of the Rings : Peoples of Middle Earth

    Peoples of Middle Earth is an altered melee MOD for Warcraft III. At the moment, it still is in Alpha testing. Pick one faction, build your own base, create your army, upgrade your units, and crush your ennemies! Here is what it is expected from you! The goal remains the same as any Warcraft...