goblin warz

  1. Kyrbi0

    [L2] - "Goblin Warz" - Mektology Industries

    DESCRIPTION: The Mektology Industries!! A rugged association of mechanics and engineers, committed to a world of steam and steel! Mechs, mechs and more mechs, with auto-constructing buildings and a propensity to repair. Led by Warmechs in their polished mech-suits, the Industries deploys a...
  2. Kyrbi0

    [L2] - "Goblin Warz" - Alchemist's Union

    DESCRIPTION: The Alchemist's Union!! A research-oriented guild of Goblin scientists and researchers, dedicated to the pursuit of 'Better Living through Chemistry' & knowledge at all costs! Toxic chemical spills and mad-genius-style warfare is the name of the game, with a focus on (al)chemical...