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  1. Santacruz

    Item Tresure Chest Color Glow

    Hello, I wanted some help on glow, I wanted to know if there is any way to add hero glow in treasure chests. I'll leave a screenshot as an example. Example
  2. AtivEnergy

    [SD/Modeling] Glow Lightning Day/Night Problem

    Hi!:peasant-waving: I found a model (Glow) in a open map and i have a problem with its Lightning :peasant-sad: As long as the time in map is (dawn, noon, dusk) the Glow is very bright, but when is Night time (Midnight), the glow become faded and i don't like that. In my map is always Midnight...
  3. HerlySQR

    Hero Glow

    Is there a Hero Glow that changes the color if the player changes its color? Because the Hero Glow that are here always have the initial color of the player.
  4. Woodenplank

    Unit Portrait Disappearing/Messing up

    Hello Sorry in advance if this is not the right thread, wasn't sure where else to put it. I recently edited a model (Sylvanas Windrunner, living) to remove the Hero Glow. The edit itself worked nicely (set alpha to 0 for a Material, and the corresponding Geoset Sequence), but now the portrait...
  5. domacleod

    Remove all hero glows?

    I've searched the forum a bit, only found ways to remove the glow from specific models by removing the texture path from the model then importing the new model. Thing is, I need all the heroes' glows removed, and that would significantly increase the map size. For any concerns of "the hero glow...
  6. lv99zephiroth

    Tools/methods for resizing Hero Glow?

    I'm having trouble resizing Hero Glow for a project I'm working on. My goal is to create a custom mdx+blp set, using a resized glow instead of GeneralHeroGlow, so that the glow appears smaller. I've tried the following methods, mostly to no avail: Resizing and/or cropping the corresponding blp...
  7. Trezon

    Removal of Hero glow

    Can someone help me editing the model of Tinker by removing the hero glow of the hero? I need help in context of this map.
  8. Ungoliath

    MODEL REQUEST: Glowing Neon Lights (colored)

    Hello! I haven't been able to find a particular model for my sci-fi map. The model, or models rather, I'm requesting are glows in all colors. Think of glows that emit from neon lights (cyberpunk style). The plan is to combine these colored glows with search lights, so they all need to cover a...