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  1. HerlySQR

    [General] What is the limit time a global variable can store a variable after get overwritten?

    Let me explain, if I have a global variable then I call a function that not takes it but uses that variable, then do it again and again, but as is a global variable so it can be overwritten by other function that runs in "the exact time" what is the risk of that?
  2. TheFireMage

    [JASS] Globals error

    Hello there, I thank you for taking a look at this thread and help me to solve problems. I am copying a dash spell template made by sniper_zero. When I first tested the map, it works fine. But when I copied to it my map and saved it, I got errors with globals from map header. I already got rid...
  3. Macadamia

    [Lua] Very simply trick to help Lua users track syntax errors.

    Hello everyone ! As most of Lua users, especially in the wc3 context, there is a big problem we often encounter. Lua is extremely permissive as its variables have no type. You all know that only values are typed in Lua. Declaring globals not being mandatory in Lua, combined with this lack of...
  4. Macadamia

    [General] Back after 16 years, stuck on 2D Arrays globals.

    Hi everyone ! First things first, my question, as people might not have time to read all my detailed explanations : How do you declare global 2D arrays in Jass without conflicting with the WE's Init Globals function ? I mean I have several arrays I use like this one : rect array...
  5. Ricola3D

    Local globals > not working

    Hello, I have a map I am editing with editor 1.31.1. It has many GUI triggers, and I am trying to use the local globals trick (having a local with the name of a global so you can use GUI functions). However the trigger below displays "TODO Security1" then "55". What do I do wrong ? How do you...
  6. loktar

    [Solved] Can things like hashtables, triggers be constant?

    Can things like hashtables, gamecaches, triggers be defined as constant globals when they won't be reassigned? The reason I think they might not is that the actual object can change by storing/flushing values or adding events, conditions or actions. Is there even a compelling reason to do it...
  7. BeerOnTheBeach

    [JASS] globals block syntax error

    Hiho, I get syntax errors on these lines of simple globals declaration: I know in vanilla editor there can only be one globals block, but I'm using WEX and I thought it somehow merges it to the precompiler. Is there a way I don't have to use the variables-editor from WE? Maybe disabling the...