1. Retera

    Warsmash General Discussion

    This is a thread where anybody can post their thoughts and opinions on Warsmash, and relax and talk about this project and have fun! I'm hoping that by April 2022 we will have working multiplayer on this engine, personally.
  2. General Zoia Blackwolf Alternate

    General Zoia Blackwolf Alternate

  3. General Zoia Blackwolf

    General Zoia Blackwolf

  4. swarmlord1231

    How do I change a units skin colors

    Hello everyone I wanted to try my hand at map making but I want to know how can I edit a units skin color, for example I currently want to change the grunts skin color to a greyish or brown skin color like a orc from lord of the rings, how could I achieve that? I want to make the grunts skin...
  5. Gibanica

    [General] Begin mana drain when shape-shifted....?

    Hey all. Never posted here so soz if it's in wrong place... I have a hero unit that is able to shape shift into a bear using the tinker ability (which all works fine). Basically, when in this 'bear' form I would like it to consume mana the entire time (lets say 3% a second for arguments sake)...
  6. GraduallyIBeganToHateThem

    [General] Deleted