1. Mistablockout

    INSANE Worker Lumber Gathering Speed

    Hey there peons and peonettes, I'm looking for a way to make my workers gather at incredibly fast speeds. I don't want to be boring and just increase the amount they can carry or how much they get per hit. No, I want to see them gather wood as if they were carrying 6 Gloves of Haste under the...
  2. Hankxiety

    [General] Pathing Issue: Returning Resources over deep water

    Noticing that worker units ordered to Return Resources will hesitate to cross deep water. Troubleshooting Have tested with Movement Type - Amphibious and Float. Have tested with Art - Model File Peasant and Human Transport Ship. Have tested with both Gold and Lumber harvesting. The problem...
  3. UmbraUnda

    [Solved] Stone Gathering Fix

    So, @Bitchmoon made me this awesome stone gathering trigger using triggers and hashtables. Problem is he's been MIA for a couple months and I've been try to get his help to no avail. It's just that I need to modify the trigger so that it's upgrade-able just like how wood harvesting has...