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  1. Nether Citadel Gate

    Nether Citadel Gate

  2. Yes my lord

    Buildable way gate

    Hi. Excuse my english and in case the triggers are not written as in the editor. I've seen many forums of people trying to make a buildable Way gate or recreate the Nydus canal from Starcraft, so I ended up making a system that might work. Four skills are required: Load Unload Cargo One based...
  3. venger07

    [Solved] Request to get a vertical wood gate

    I really need wooden vertical gate. Can someone help? I would really appreciate it a lot. I attached the file that should be vertical including the animations. I find it hard to fix when I rotate the model to 90 degrees, the animations does not work correctly. Thanks in advance!
  4. HerlySQR

    [Solved] Gate is not working

    I active a gate with triggers but it isn't working why?, because I don't wanna trigger the teleport function Trig_Puerta_Actions takes nothing returns nothing call WaygateActivate(gg_unit_n004_0205,true) call...
  5. Gumberbunbder

    Editing Model Rotation Messing Up Animation

    Hello. I know next to nothing about model editing. I was rotating some gate models so i could have vertical and other diagonal versions for buildings in my map and I ran into a problem. I rotated this gate: But its animations are screwed up now. For example here is the death alternate now...
  6. TheFireMage

    [Trigger] Buildable Gate

    Follow this thread and this site to understand the topic, or you don't need to. I decided to not use Unit - Replace or the variable, because they seem troublesome and cause leaks although that can be solved with custom script. So I used spell Bear Form instead, and I made several spells based on...
  7. Darklycan51

    A couple (4) Pathing textures needed

    EDIT: Found a thread on how to it myself and did it, thought it was more work than it actually was, any mod can close this
  8. Majid_Ne

    Horizontal And Vertical Walls

    Hi. I'm working on a invasion defending map. In this map I need to make workers build walls to stop invasion. I use this model of wall and gate. I love these models , and it looks good with other models I use. But I have two problem. First , I can't import horizontal wall. So I need to at...
  9. Nemesis_

    [Solved] Opened Elven Gate model

    Well so I've been trying to make a gate unit that opens and closes via the bear form ability. Been rather successful as of yet(will update if solution is found) but I cant find the opened gate model so use as the "opened" gate. I know that the "opened" gate is a animation, but just wanna know if...
  10. carcanosc

    Add terrain to buildings

    Hello, I want to put lava terrain around my buildings. How can I do it? Thanks
  11. UmbraUnda

    [Solved] Open/Close Gate Ability + Trigger

    I'm having trouble getting this gate to open + close via abilities and triggers. The abilities don't work as intended in that they don't play animations from Art - Animation Names. I'm using a copied trimmed down 'war stomp' with morph and morph alternate tags to open and close the gate...
  12. deadlycwa

    [Trigger] Help with Hashtables

    So I just started learning about Hashtables and think they're pretty neat. I've been trying to use them to connect pathing-blockers with gates that can rotate (so I don't have to use separate units for Gate (Horizontal), Gate (Vertical), Gate (Northwest Facing), Gate (Northeast Facing), etc. and...
  13. Chaos Omega


    I just wanted to make a couple triggers that could make the gate open for a specific players' units when they pass(possibly with regions), don't close on it's own units when one of them passes, and when it "Closes" doesn't automatically "Heals" itself. When I manage to do one of these I just...