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  1. yuriy_valandil

    [Strategy / Risk] LOTR - War in Middle Earth -

    LOTR WAR IN MIDDLE EARTH ------- Basic Info: Welcome to "LOTR War in Middle Earth" WarCraft 3 map made by yuriy_valandil. Rts map enspired by the books of J.R.R. Tolkien and the movies of Peter Jackson. Chose one of the factions of good or evil and fight with your allies for the dominion of...
  2. Archian

    Moria - A Jouney In The Dark

  3. Wark

    A Wizard, Fanatic and Dwarf Engineer walk into a bar ...

    So, I need some help with changing a unit's model, then changing a different unit's color (and maybe animation). First, can someone take this Flagellent: Flagellant, and replace the pickaxe with this mace: Spiked Club by Sunchips If you can remove the gold/lumber/work animations to reduce the...