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gameplay constants

  1. coconut

    How to understand these constants?

    Simple question, im right? if you can explain (?????) 1. +2% 2. +0,3 armor (like 1/3 of armor) 3. +0,5 HP/sec (?????) 4. +25 HP 5. +15 mana 6. +0,5% mana regen (?????)
  2. Ricola3D

    [No clean solution] Triggers - Access gameplay constant value

    Hello, In a trigger I wan't to make formula that uses the game play constant "Hero abilities - defense bonus per agility point". Is there anyway to get the value of this constant in a trigger (GUI or JASS code) ?
  3. Skellingtons03

    Making Player Owned Units Drop Gold?

    For A Tower Defense map, Any way I can make player owned units (player 12 specifically) drop gold as if they were creeps? Do I have to find it in gameplay constants or do I have to set up a trigger? Or something else entirely?
  4. Cokemonkey11

    [General] Level-skip requirement screwed up

    Hi, I have a strange situation. My gameplay constants are set correctly to "2" for level-skip requirement. My abilities also are also with standard level-skip requirements. Strangely, the first two levels of abilities seem to have no skip requirements! So I can do level 1: ability A level...