1. Female Centaur Archer

    Female Centaur Archer

  2. Shield Maiden (WIP).png

    Shield Maiden (WIP).png

    Just doing the female footman, but fixing all the animations to top it all off.
  3. Superfrycook

    [HD/Modeling] Female version of Reforged Footman or Captain

    Hello guys, I like to request a Reforged female version of the Human Footman or Captain. Thank you.
  4. Grish

    [SD/Modeling] Looking For Unarmed Character Models (Male & Female)

    I'm looking for a number of unarmed character models for RPG purposes, a variety of races, male and female. I found a bundle of player models ported from WoW that have the idea I'm looking for, but some of their file sizes are large, and it doesn't include any female characters. I've only been...
  5. HERON

    Female Apothecary

    Hello guys, I would like to request someone to create a female or male Apothecary model for my upcoming campaign about the Undead/Forsaken. I didn't find a model like this, and I'll be happy if someone can help me with this... For animations, could base on witch doctor for example... Thanks...
  6. Frederik

    New Alternate Models, how to use em?

    I'm really interested in using the new Kul'Tiras Jaina & Female Death Knight for my hero map, but i can't seem to get the object editor to select the skins (it's not available in the Art - Model File menu). And was hoping someone in this forum could help me. It's possible to get it through the...
  7. Frederik

    What happened to female v. in WC3 Editor

    Anyone know why the female version of death knight, demon hunter and special model files (Kul'Tiras Jaina) is not in the editor? :( First time using these forums btw, hoping it's the right place for this.
  8. Warseeker

    [SOLVED] Female Tauren

    Hello guys! I would like to request someone to create a female tauren model for my upcoming project. I've been searching for one on many warcraft 3 sites but with no luck except for the WoW rip which I don't want to use. So, I'll be happy if someone is willing to take this request. :) As an...
  9. Thiiago

    Female Norse Warrior :/

    I just need an female version of this model. If you can put Sorceress head on the helmet, I'd be very grateful. If I get too much "work" to do this, do not worry, I'll tidy up, but I needed a more feminine body for this model: DwarfWarrior It does not have to be a normal "delicate" body of a...
  10. BLazeKraze

    Blizzard icons large version.

    Aiiyyyoo guys, I don't know if this is the right section to ask about this thing. So guys, I'm exploring throughout the internet to find something useful to icon makers who wants to imitate or simply make a warcraftish icons. So I found one big icon from blizzard — Jaina icon. I don't know where...