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elder scrolls

  1. Northeast Tamriel

    Northeast Tamriel

    Just finished the rough outline of the top right portion of Tamriel. The inner sea islands WERE A BITCH. Moving on to Cryodil then Valenwood and the Summerset Isles. NOT looking forward to Black Marsh
  2. Oblivion Gate - Model request

    Oblivion Gate - Model request

    This is a model I wish to have on my Elder Scrolls project using Warcraft 3 engine. I create a post about a mod request, https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/elder-scrolls-content-resources.297141/#post-3187252 .
  3. Medieval

    Elder Scrolls content resources

    Hello! I'm Medieval, I like Warcraft, but just until Frozen Throne (i'm not fan of WOW), I also like Elder Scrolls (TES), I have a project, I have noticed even on Warcraft modding sites there is no such thing as Elder Scrolls related content. I just think how cool would be to play Elder Scrolls...
  4. Medieval

    Elder Scrolls Huge Mod Campaign using Warcraft 3 Engine

    Hello Everyone!! I'm Medieval, I'm from Chile South America, I understand English very well, I'm a moder and fan creator, mostly related to Elder Scrolls So about me, I'm member of Tamriel Vault, I write stories, create fan art and even mods for Elder Scrolls games, I like a lot Elder Scrolls...