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dungeon crawl

  1. Anton Wulff Jensen

    Is it possible to switch from a main map to a sub-map in multiplayer?

    Hi there, So I've been working on a dungeon-crawl rpg map for quite a while, and I was wondering if it was possible to make instances within the map, like in the Frozen Throne Rexxar campaign. I read around the internet, and was capable of finding a nice guide on how to do that with a...
  2. The_Spellweaver

    WoW dungeon/raid crawler template Lua/TS?

    So I wanted to make a wow based dungeon crawler in the latest editor, since it has such powerful tools and natives that make some great things possible. I am talking about UI natives mostly. What I decided to start though, is a series of maps of raids/dungeons from cataclysm, since I am mostly...
  3. sk4

    [Role Playing Game] Artifacts ORPG

    Artifacts ORPG is a theme-park ORPG designed to challenge players (1-22) to complete in quests, world PvP, and dungeons. Game takes a lot of inspiration from classic WoW. It is designed to take players weeks to complete on regular play sessions (1-2 hours daily play session expected). Alpha and...
  4. Mails_PR

    A Roguelike Project to be Tested!

    Dear people! I would like to arrange a game by hosting my project Abandon Hope if any of you use Game Ranger here. The more people, the better. The test is planned for Saturday/Sunday, but I guess we should discuss the time differences :) I do really hope that somebody has an opportunity :D