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dummy caster

  1. FimbleTharn

    Which is More Efficient

    When it comes to triggers which use a dummy unit to cast an ability, which is more efficient? Having a dummy unit pre-placed in the editor which is moved around the map when called for by a trigger and just giving the dummy unit all the abilities it will potentially need in the object editor...
  2. bruunk

    [Spell] Neutral Hostile units don't respond to dummycasters damage

    Hi, So, for instance, I have a spell that will summon 3 dummycasters and shoot out what's basically carrion swarm(which uses point targeting). However, and I have found this to happen with most dummycaster abilities, if used on neutral hostile units the damage will affect them but they will not...
  3. bruunk

    Is there a way to raise a dummycasters height?

    I have a custom spell that will shoot out a bunch of arrows, but the only problem now is that the arrows spawn on the ground I have tried setting the dummy unit's move type to "fly" and its height/height minimum to 150, and still the arrows spawn on the floor. I've tried making an action in...
  4. Detherior

    [Trigger] Dummy Unit Can't Cast Spell

    So I'm trying to make a spell for the Admiral Proudmoore model (the flavor being ships) with a "Call Battleship" ability that causes an off-screen "battleship" to shoot the target and stun it. However the dummy unit I'm using doesn't cast the spell properly. I'm currently using GUI, obviously...
  5. Jaccouille

    [Wurst] issuePointOrderId failing on some spells

    So I got a spell which I want to be dummyCasted, the dummycast was failing, upon further investigation and testing other abilities, by creating a unit, give him the abilities and using issuePointOrder to cast, I realized some of them ended up in failure. This actually happens on a big ass map I...
  6. FutureWolf4

    [Trigger] Custom Summoning Spell - Summoned Units Don't Last Forever [Solved]

    Hello, I have a problem regarding a custom spell I made for a hero (Gnoll Chieftain) called "Gnoll Patrol". The spell in question summons different Gnoll-Type units that last forever to fight alongside the Gnoll Chieftain. In order to make the spell summon different units, I made the main...
  7. SharSash

    [Solved] Moon stone spell

    Hi! My problem is that i can't make a dummy unit cast a spell based on moon stone item spell that changes day time to 00:00, I just don't see it in issue an order with no target and the spell itself doesn't have an ID. Looking for help. Thanks in advance.