1. ZeroGravity

    Only Host disconnects from my map

    During loading screen, the one that hosts my map got disconnected for unknown reason and this happen 9 out of 10 times. I don't know why. I load in the singleplayer just fine but when trying on multiplayer, I myself also got disconnect (even when loading in alone for testing). If we host a full...
  2. DrTema

    Disconnection dialog text

    Hello, I was looking for really long time, but how do I change text if disconnection dialog? I have some maps that shows different from standard text on disconnection dialog window. I could not find any info how to change this.
  3. Adorm


    Hey All, I've been having really severe problems with De-Syncing in Warcraft 3 recently. Does anyone know a workaround to fix such a problem? I'll be in the match or a custom game for a few moments (5-10min) then randomly disconnect. Sincerely, Adorm
  4. AquaFire

    [Crash] Map does not work for anyone other than the Host?

    Hello Everyone, I am working on a 3v3v3 Dungeon RPG and I have been unable to test it because of 6112 ports I am unable to open. Up to this point, I have been testing my map solo with users being replaced by Computer players (1 User + 2 Computers vs 3 Computers vs 3 Computers vs 1 Computer) and...