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  1. Cord3L


    When I create the map to play on lan with my friend, and he presses to enter, it appears that he entered and soon after (1s later) we are both disconnected and return to the map listing page. It happens with a specific map, (just the one we want to play) [NCD S1 v1b, specifically]. We are...
  2. ZeroGravity

    Only Host disconnects from my map

    During loading screen, the one that hosts my map got disconnected for unknown reason and this happen 9 out of 10 times. I don't know why. I load in the singleplayer just fine but when trying on multiplayer, I myself also got disconnect (even when loading in alone for testing). If we host a full...
  3. DrTema

    Disconnection dialog text

    Hello, I was looking for really long time, but how do I change text if disconnection dialog? I have some maps that shows different from standard text on disconnection dialog window. I could not find any info how to change this.
  4. Adorm


    Hey All, I've been having really severe problems with De-Syncing in Warcraft 3 recently. Does anyone know a workaround to fix such a problem? I'll be in the match or a custom game for a few moments (5-10min) then randomly disconnect. Sincerely, Adorm
  5. AquaFire

    [Crash] Map does not work for anyone other than the Host?

    Hello Everyone, I am working on a 3v3v3 Dungeon RPG and I have been unable to test it because of 6112 ports I am unable to open. Up to this point, I have been testing my map solo with users being replaced by Computer players (1 User + 2 Computers vs 3 Computers vs 3 Computers vs 1 Computer) and...