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  1. trebla ratilla

    Trebla's Art

    Hi everyone! This is my first time to post my art here. Hope you guys will gonna enjoy it and more art will come!. I;m trying to draw some character design, landscape or any ideas.
  2. TheKurt009

    My Progress study drawings that started from sucky ones

    From ash i have risen, from nothing i am given breath. From here, i know where i am headed... Here are some of the drawings i have collected since i started drawing in digital Enjoy your stay! Princess of the flames My name is Kurt Ian Ferrer, 21 years old, from the Philippines...
  3. Edge45

    Edge45 Art

    I've decided to make my own thread of the artworks that I've made. Whether it's bad or good it's up to you. While I'm just average at Photoshop, I'm getting really used to it by mouse, can't wait to get me a Graphics Tablet, as I'm also doing pieces by traditional means. I would appreciate any...
  4. Mr.Goblin

    Mr.Goblin's Concept-art/illustration Workshop

    MR.GOBLIN'S CONCEPT-ART/ILLUSTRATION WORKSHOP === Well, it's been a while you lovely faces, haven't it? Missed you guys a lot! :D After facing a few requests from several hivers, I've decided to create this thread to show ''behind the scene'' content of upcoming concept-art/illustrations. (for...
  5. Idaero Ace

    [DEAD] Idaero'sArt! ~velato invidia nocte

    Idaero Ace made this thread June 28, 2014. That's when he was 16 years old, still studied on 11 grade. Actually, Idaero Ace already draw since 2009. That time he mostly drawn Spiderman, Halo (game), and Star Wars. On 2010, he drawn a lot of Assassin from Assassin's Creed game. On 2011, he mixed...