1. Cushq

    Arena Duel Trigger

    I'm trying to set up a dueling trigger for my arena map where at say 15-30 minutes intervals there will be a duel with all the current heroes on each team that are on map get sent to a region and after there is one team left will then move the units back to their respective spawn zones. Doesn't...
  2. Lykaas

    Looking for Terrain Maker/Designer

    Hello Hive, let me introduce myself first. My Name is Lykaas and i have been around warcraft for quite some time now, even though i joined Hive just recently. I play both the normal Warcraft and custom map and was thinking about doing my own.The problem i faced was that there are just too many...
  3. Pugnadeus

    Heroes of Loria RPG

    Heroes of Loria Heroes of Loria is an RPG map that aims to create an enjoyable experience that features a progressive storyline filled with fights against monsters and bosses. Players have to complete quests, explore, progress and defeat bosses in order to reach the end. I decided to put some...
  4. troylowyee

    Giving out Sounds i designed while i was free

    Pretty new to synths and learnt how to use it on my own free time but heres some sounds i have that im sharing please tell me if you're gonna use it and give comments if they are good or bad. If you want any sound effects feel free to ask me and I'll try my best to help you. Also please please...
  5. magicforrest

    WC3 ISD (Item & Skill Designer) - Need help

    Hey, i just released version 0.5 of my litte tool "WC3 Item & Skill Designer" (Or "WC3 ISD" for short) There are not many new features, but there is a Name Gen included, and some minor changes to last release. Since i dont have wc3 anymore (since years) i cant finish the import w3x feature...