1. Ahimtar

    How to change Shadow Meld (Item)'s Hide description?

    In my map I use a shadow meld item that is different from Cloak of the Shadows. It automatically creates a passive spell for the hero that manipulates the Shadow Meld. I can successfully changed the spell's icon, however, I can't seem to find the source of the ability text, the one that says...
  2. DexterFstone

    Spells and Descriptions

    I need Spell is like skill 3 Troll warrior in DotA map, but when the hero moving and Don't damaged Level 1 - add 5 MS per sec - CD 8 sec Level 2 - add 10 MS per sec - CD 6 sec Level 3 - add 15 MS per sec - CD 4 sec Level 4 - add 20 MS per sec - CD 2 sec and when the hero takes damage or stop...
  3. Tom_Almighty1

    JASS Description Frame?

    Guys I am having trouble learning these new updates in war3 1.31 TFT non-reforged. Can you please provide me a simple trigger on how to make a description box frame with words in it? Kinda like how the tooltip works but I need to move it to an area I also need to have a way to hide/unhide it...
  4. Jeff91

    Coloured Text Generator

    So how do you guys live without JNGP in built Text Editor. Have you given up description making? Would like to know if there is any other alternative we could use to edit our descriptions. Like perhaps there is some hidden text editor/generator or maybe there is something else, anything really.
  5. deepstrasz

    Descriptions for Old Campaigns/Maps

    Hey Hive, who has time and is passionate about maps which don't have a proper description and wants to write informative ones, please do and I'll replace the lacking with yours. Here's the Campaign list (you can write a description for whatever map you like, not just campaigns): Maps | HIVE...
  6. TheAyalalalalon

    Dynamic tooltips

    Hello. i thought it was a good idea a tooltip that updates himself using as referce an external source like the hero attributes as raw data Something like having on current unit 23 agilty points, write Deals <E003,Agility> magic damage to a target enemy And this should show Deals 23 magic...