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  1. MStylo

    Corpse bones decay

    Is it possible to pause and then resume decay of bones of unit that died? "Unit - Suspend corpse decay for (Picked unit)" this does work to pause it but then using "Unit - Resume corpse decay for (Picked unit)" has no effect
  2. Ricola3D

    Avoid memory leak - what dead units are to be removed ?

    Hello, I'm developing a Hero Defense map. Since it's the concept, many ennemy units & heroes die during the game. I want to be sure to avoid memory leakage when the game time passes, so can you please help me figuring out what units are automatically removed by the WarcraftIII engine, and...
  3. Helheim

    [Solved] How to rid of decaying units in UnitGroup?

    I've got an issue: UnitGroup always pick up decaying units. Set VariableSet Targets_Group_RED = (Units within 2500.00 of TempPoint[0] matching (((Owner of (Matching unit)) Equal to Player 12 (Brown)) and ((((Matching unit) is invulnerable) Equal to no) and ((((Matching unit) is dead) Equal to...
  4. Nebilac

    Corpse moving to the center of the map

    I decided to try out editing models for the hell of it. All went fine until I tried it out in World Editor. Only problem is that when the unit dies, its fleshy corpse disappears and teleports to the center of the map. But the corpse isn't actually there, since when I do Raise Dead, it will spawn...
  5. TD_PRO_2006

    Valley of Decay Rpg v1417k