custom maps

  1. Sonic

    Variety in Maps (Also one bug)

    Hello all! I am a big fan of the project and I've had so much fun, however since the map is always really large and I rarely play with friends online, I can't stop to think that a smaller map would work wonders for these races. Could we possibly get a version of the UB on any of these maps...
  2. Lord of SOTNITM

    Doubts about World Edit and Warcraft 3 in general

    As the title says I have several questions about World Edit and Warcraft 3 that I hope you can clarify. First: How to start the editor with grids when loading a custom map? Second: How to restore the default terrain of a map whose terrain is already retouched? since it is very tedious to do it...
  3. naknuknik

    Is the Darkest Dungeon map hijacked?

    I have recently seen someone host games using "Darkest Dungeon ORPG v6.2" and in the author column it states: "uselessLORD".(ive attached img). Now from what I know,darkest dungeon maps were always uploaded to epicwar(correct me if im wrong). And epicwar only has up to v5.94. It looks to me like...
  4. albertdos

    Looking for a Warcraft 3 MOBA map

    Hey there, Looking for a map i played way back when, it had the following: - +- 6 yo 10 years ago. - Auto attack only - Purchasable hero units (upgrades essentially)to replace your own.(Can only control one hero unit) - Mainly flying ship heroes, one or two ground based vehicle heroes. -...
  5. TheEndOfAnAge

    The End of an Age