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custom faction

  1. Barorque

    [General] Additional Rally Points

    Once again, I'm asking for your help... As the title suggests I wish to know what is the best way to ADD new Rally Points. I don't need to know how to chance the skin, the idea is to still have the 4 default ones, while adding an option for 5 new faction flags. The map in question will be a...
  2. GrevinGadal

    [Campaign] Night Elf-Worgen Custom Race (Brainstorming)

    Hi Everyone, I've been lurking about the Hive Workshop for years. I've loved the work of your assets creators and map makers and, now that I'm dipping my toes back into map creation, I decided to get a bit more interactive. Perhaps at some point I'll even be able to give something back. For...
  3. Henry_AC

    Help with personalized faction please.

    Hi, I'm doing a custom faction and I need help to do everything a normal faction would do (collect resources, build, train, update, expand, attack). I appreciate your help.