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  1. Wingless Pitlord for Dota Map

    Wingless Pitlord for Dota Map

    Mannoroth's pink skin without wings. Brand new Ghouls at the back
  2. Dark Elf Camp

    Dark Elf Camp

  3. Momolightrue

    How do I sell off my 5 years old Warcraft III Demon / Corrupted / Naga / Draenei Text Project to Blizzard-Microsoft for money?

    How do I sell off my 5 years old Warcraft III Demon / Corrupted / Naga / Draenei Text Project to Blizzard-Microsoft for money? I got the ideas all set for the Demon, Naga, and Corrupted races in text schematic forms, while I am still working on the Draenei race to complete it... These ideas are...
  4. HerlySQR

    [Script] Check if this map is corrupted

    Hello can you tell me if this map is corrupted, if yes, could you tell me what to do?
  5. GhxBronie

    Problem with Default Models in WC3

    Hi WorldEdit M8s :thumbs_up: I have a problem with Default and Custom Models from Warcraft 3, these ones don't work properly in their Animations, Sound and apparition. For example, in this video i casts the common Breath of Fire, it damages the enemies but don't appear the FX and yesterday the...
  6. Blood Raven

    [Solved] My melee map got corrupted...

    Hey everyone! I'm participating in the current Melee Map Contest #2 and somehow managed to get my map corrupted for the third time. All previous times I was able to salvage a backup version from the JNG folder, but this time all of these are corrupted aswell. The map still works ingame, but...
  7. Hazop

    Urgent! Map Corrupted

    My map was "Corrupted" (I guess) due to my comp crashing when I had it up, what do I do now?!
  8. Abelhawk

    Anyone know how to recover a corrupted Word file?

    I've kept a dream journal on my computer for more than six years, and this past month when I reset my computer I accidentally copied over my journal and "skipped" rather than replacing the old backup. This left me with a file without the past year's worth of dreams on it. I managed to recover...
  9. Skive

    [Model] Corrupted Ancients

    Hey folks! I'd be very grateful if someone could create (or share) models of Corrupted Ancients: Corrupted Ancient of Lore Corrupted Ancient of Wind Corrupted Ancient of Wonders Since I need the base-models for the map I'm currently working on, a simple recolor would not do. Any help...
  10. HerrDave

    Green cube model despite correct texture path

    Salutations, A while back I started a project in semi-secret where I was remaking all of the villains and goons from a game that I have a soft spot for and to that end I've begun working on a series of robot models. I got the base body done no problem, but after I made a size-change to the...