1. MStylo

    Corpse bones decay

    Is it possible to pause and then resume decay of bones of unit that died? "Unit - Suspend corpse decay for (Picked unit)" this does work to pause it but then using "Unit - Resume corpse decay for (Picked unit)" has no effect
  2. Xzere

    Explode Skeletons Ability

    Hello guys how do i make this trigger only damage the enemy and not my allies? Thanks in advance! :) Skeleton Explosion Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Explode Skeletons Actions Unit Group -...
  3. realnicolbolas

    How to create a specific corpse summon based spell

    Hello, i need help with figuring out how to create a specific spell in the world editor. This spell is an ultimate for a Hero/Champion i'm currently working on that would basically function as Summons a set amount of units, and then summons additional units from each corpse nearby Iv'e tried...
  4. Gilded

    Scavenging Corpses

    I want to learn how to Allow the Unit to Scavenge a corpse with a knife. For Example my Hero just murdered a bear and needs to extract the meat from the corpse and not just the fur that is done on my map. But I want skinning a bear to be special or some other animals. Something Founders of The...
  5. ShadowSpawn

    Corpseless version of Carrion Beetle (spell)

    It would save me a lot of time with trial and error trying to make it work with triggers, as it is for a Night Elf race rework and they have moving buildings. Please and thank you!
  6. Nebilac

    Corpse moving to the center of the map

    I decided to try out editing models for the hell of it. All went fine until I tried it out in World Editor. Only problem is that when the unit dies, its fleshy corpse disappears and teleports to the center of the map. But the corpse isn't actually there, since when I do Raise Dead, it will spawn...
  7. Neruvatar

    Model/Doodad Request: Animated pale corpse

    Hi, Hivers! I am currently looking for a model or a doodad (no need to be large in file size), a model that resembles a pale grey (or fleshy) corpse that constantly claws its hands on the sky, as if grabbing for something, or gasping for air whilst drowning.... Can anyone please help? =)